Looking Good

Approximately every eighteen months, we close our studio for a weekend and move into the California Theater for our performance of Looking Good. While most other studios have in-house recitals, The Looking Glass introduces students to a dance concert in a real working theater. This not only gives students the experience of being in the spotlight, but also gives them skills and prepares them for situations they might encounter in professional theater, such as quick changes, basic stage etiquette, and working with lighting and sound personnel. 

Our next performance of Looking Good will be in February of 2016 at the California Theater of Performing Arts, where we have had our Looking Good shows since 1986.

 Pre-setting for a quick change.  Photo Credit: Bob Ritter Photography

Pre-setting for a quick change. Photo Credit: Bob Ritter Photography

The Hazel McMillan Studio Theater

We can't always host our performances in the California Theater. Because of this, we have a small, in-house theater that we use for smaller performances that don't involve the entire studio. The black box style theater has hosted many plays and recitals in the eighteen years we have been using it and is an excellent way to introduce young performers to the stage. The Tap, Kinder-Theater and Jazz/Hip-Hop departments use the theater annually for their performances of TAPS!, Kinder-Theater Kapers and All That Jazz which showcase young performers.