Since 1974, The Looking Glass Studio Of Performing Arts has provided effective, affordable Drama and Dance classes for San Bernardino and its surrounding communities.

 Our first studio, 1974

Our first studio, 1974

About Us

The Looking Glass Studio Of Performing Arts was established in 1974 with the focus of teaching children and young adults the art forms of dance and drama. Forty years later, our programs have expanded to incorporate Vocal, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Jazz, and Kinder-Theater, a program that prepares pre-school aged children for all of our classes. Our founders, Ron Cocking and Gloria McMillan both have a deep rooted history in the arts, with Gloria being an actress in Hollywood for CBS and NBC, and much of Ron's time since childhood spent at the Vera Lynn School of Dance. They passed their knowledge of the arts to their students from opening day and up until now.

 After spending many years in our first studio on E street, the studio moved to its current location on Highland avenue. Our current location has given us ample space required to teach multiple classes at a time, as well as giving us the ability to give in-house performances in our theater. 

Though our facilities and faculty have grown in size, the Looking Glass Studio of Performing Arts still offers the same professional dance and arts training we strove to deliver since opening day in 1974. As our motto goes, "Student progress is our most important asset." 

Many of our former students have gone on to pursue careers in the arts. Some of which have been performers in local theater companies, and have even gone so far as New York and the Television and Film industries. A large amount of former students have been offered scholarships in theater at universities all across the nation, with many pursuing degrees in dance and musical theater. It makes us proud to see student success at this magnitude, and it makes us even happier when our former students bring their children and grandchildren to receive the same training they did. Because of these wonderful students and parents, the Looking Glass is less of a dance school and more of an arts community. 

If you'd like, you can come in to see our studio first hand. You will find our location and operating hours on the Hours and Info page.